Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tutorial for creating a customized distributable Ubuntu Live CD

Hope you all read my Previous work about creating a custom ubuntu live CD. It was about backup your installed ubuntu version. But now here I am discussing about creating a new customized version of ubuntu live(installer) cd to add or remove your own programs language, which will be distributable.  In short you can create your own distribution of linux
The tool I used is UCK-Ubuntu Customization Kit.
Ubuntu Customization kit is a GUI tool that helps you to customizing official Ubuntu Live CDs(Including Kubunt/Xubuntu) to your needs.You can add any package to the live system such as Language packs, applications and themes.
For the stable release of the uck Visit sourceforge download center at click here

1)About 5Gb free space in the home/user/tmp folder
2).iso image of the linux version which you want to customize 
3)Internet access (For downloading additional packages)
4) If you are customizing the ubuntu 9.10 iso image. then check apt-source line "deb-src karmic main" enabled for that, use
sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
 If you want to customize an ubuntu version other that the one you are using . you have to change the above apt-source line by editing the "karmic" to your version name.
Now after downloading and installing the uck go to
Applications>System tools>uck
Then the software ask the language you wants, Language while installation, then the software shows brows window to select the iso image of the linux version which you want to customize. after selecting the iso image give a name to your new customized linux that
you are going to create. Then another window appears asking "If you want to customize the CD manually during building" . If click yes, After mounting and expanding the iso image the software invokes a synaptic package manager and with that you can select new packages and deselect one you don't want. then continue building . Now all you have to do is wait for UCK to finish your custom Ubuntu ISO. On a slow computer, it cant take quite a while. Once the ISO file is ready, it will be saved under
This is My new customized ubuntu linux Which have malayalam as Default Language.I removed the transmission torrent client,added Azureus and Wvdial. For a more advanced way of customizing your Ubuntu Live CD (manually, without a GUI), see this Page

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Gopa Kumar M.G. said...

Thanx, a really useful article.. Can you post an article on dial-up modem configuration on Ubuntu 9.10? I am trying to connect my PC to internet using my land phone connection. But the methods that I could find from web is not working.

Arun V Pillai said...

$sudo lspci or $sudo dmesg
I both of these are not working try

To Scan ur modem first and tell me if ur modem driver is detected. If the modem is not detecting you ve to download the driver for that. After that use any dailing software such as wvdial

kumar said...

Can we Install this live cd?

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