Monday, December 26, 2011

SVN and maven Configuration in eclipse

SVN Integration

To integrate the SVN to eclipse it needs the SVN plugin .
Install this two plugins in eclipse

  • Or Use this update site tions/update-site/ 
     After restarting your eclipse, you can see the SVN option in the new project wizard. Then add your repository url and authentication criteria using the SVN “Repository Location” option in the new project wizard. 

    Maven Integration

    Install Apache-Maven 3.0.3 Repository

  • Make sure you had installed JDK, and add a new “JAVA_HOME” into Windows environment variable, and point to your JDK folder.
  • Download the zip file of apache-Maven 3.0.3
  • Extract the zip file, for instance, “c:\apache-maven-3.0.3
  • That’s all , no installation is required on Windows.
  • Maven folder “MAVEN_HOME” to Windows environment variable

  • Add the “Maven bin folder” into Windows environment variable, so that you can access Maven command everywhere. (%MAVEN_HOME%\bin;)

  • Done, to verify it, in command prompt, type “mvn –version” to verify the installation detail.

Installation of maven plug-in in eclipse

The plug-in name is m2e plugin.

Install it using the update-site

Then install the WTP plug-in for eclipse

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