Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How Google works and Makes money

    We all know that google is the largest used search engine ever developed, and it is giving lots of features to the users without taking money form the user. I am writing here about how google works and how it earn money to become the one of the largest profitable company in the world, without taking a single dollar from the user.

How Google Works
Google works in 3 distinct parts
1) Googlebot a Webcrawler which fetches the web pages
2) An Indexer that sorts every word on every page
3) A query processor Which compares your search with the index and retrieve the result.
   Googleboot is a web crawler which fetches the web pages and hand over it to the Indexer. Baisically it works same as our browser itself, it request pages from the server, and download the entire page to the Indexer. I am sure you will think that how it will be possible for this much sites in the net., the answer is google is using thousands of Low budget systems Which are parallely connected. so that its parallel computing power is very huge.Google can index more than thousand page simultaneously. We can add a site manually to google by an "add url form" by google www.google.com/addurl.html .

   Indexer stores the retrieve pages alphabetically by search term, with each index entry storing a list of documents in which the term appears and the location within the text where it occurs. This data structure allows rapid access to documents that contain user query terms.
Query Processor
   Google's query processor process the search query you entered in the search column, and it retrieves the corresponding match from the indexer database. Google use a revolutionary algorithm called page ranking algorithm to prioritize a web page, and the high prioritized site is shown first.
Page Ranking 
   Page Ranking is a very complex mathematical algorithm. the simple 2 methods of page ranking are
1- Frequently visiting page is assigned more priority
2- The site having links from a highly prioritized site is also important. For example the site having link from NASA's home site will be also important. like that Google rank each page it indexed and then displayed. and this is the success behind Google.
How Google makes Money
   Google does not charge even singe dollar for the use of its applications. Basically Google is one of the largest advertising company which don't ve its own advertisement. Google add the advertisements as sponsored links in the right side of the search result. In-fact it is showing the advertisement which is related to what you are searching. So Google is providing the right advertisements in the right time, and one more thing Google uses the same Page Ranking algorithm for the sponsored links also. so that Google can assure the quality of the sponsored links. If you do one click in any sponsored link of any company, some amount of money will be transferred to the Google's account from that company's account.  Mesothelioma (cancer due to the asbestos) is one of the high paying keyword in Google . http://www.mesotheliomagoogle.com/

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