Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tutorial for Create custom Ubuntu (live) CD - Remastersys

Remastersys is very simple application that allows you to create and backup your Linux distribution, including root, home, other partitions, and all personal configuration to bootable live CD.

Install Remastersys

The first thing we need to do is install the application. By default, Remastersys is not listed in the official Ubuntu repositories.
We need add it.
To add a source, click System > Administration > Software Sources.

This will bring up a menu of all currently used sources that Synaptic (the package manager) refers to when searching f or new installations and updates. Click on the Third-Party So ftware tab for more details.

Next, click Add. This will open another window, where you need to input the new source address. The address that we require is:

deb remastersys/

After adding the source Go to Synaptic package manager , then refresh it and then look for remastersys
open terminal and type
"sudo apt-get install remastersys"

Backup your Distribution

Now, start Remastersys. The GUI can be accessed via
System > Administration > Remastersys Backup.

You have several options to choose from:

Backup allows you to backup your entire installation, along with all the personal data and configurations.

Dist allows you to create a backup, sans your personal data, allowing you to share the "remastered" copy with other people.

Modify is useful for configuring the name and the location of the backup file, as well as some other settings. You can also manually edit and change the configurations file - /etc/remastersys.conf. It is advisable to backup the file before making any changes.

Clean is useful only after you have used Remastersys at least once. This function will remove previous builds made by the program and free up the hard disk space. You can also do this manually if you wish. It is always a good idea to run the Clean option before running a new backup.

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arano said...

Thanks for the tutorial about the creation of the custom cd. One question is that I want to reinstall my ubuntu how can I do it?It is in dual boot with Vista?

Arun V Pillai said...

To reinstall ubuntu with dual boot with vista
1) Put the live cd of ubuntu in drive and reboot
2) Format the ext3 partition and install the new ubuntu there itself.

That is it the ubuntu will be installed as dual boot with vista

Geek us said...


can we create a 32 and 64 bit version together on the same disk ? so i can choose witch one i will use, depending on the situation and dont need to have 2 disk.

Thanks a lot,

Thiago Predebon

SproutinGeek said...

@Geek us , Yes it is possible to create a 32 and 64 bit version together on the same disk I think this will help you to do the same

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